Matters of Concern

Student Conduct Code Violations, Behavior Concerns, Accessibility Concerns, and Equity/Title IX Grievances at TCC

Report a Concern

澳门威尼斯人在线赌场希望澳门威尼斯人在线赌场的学生、员工和访客能够 表达自己真实的自我,实现澳门威尼斯人在线赌场校园文化的关怀. We provide a variety of reporting mechanisms to assist faculty, staff, and students to effectively 报告并回应澳门威尼斯人在线赌场社区中可能正在经历危机的人.  

Below, you will find links to file a series of reports for 学生违规行为, Concerning or Threatening Behavior, Accessibility Concerns, and Equity/Title IX Grievances. 如果您不确定如何报告,或选择哪一份报告,请提交一份 of the reports and we will ensure the information gets to the correct person or department.  


Reporting Emergencies

如有紧急事项,请致电 Campus Public Safety FIRST. 他们可以并将在联系TPD或任何外部机构时立即作出回应.  

Emergency Number: 253-566-5111

客户服务(非紧急问题、停车、员工/学生身份证): 253-460-4422

备用紧急号码: 253-495-4146